What’s Needed to Design and Build an Inclusive Metaverse?

What’s Needed to Design and Build an Inclusive Metaverse?

随着电子游戏和科技行业的公司开始构建元宇宙, 一个广阔的在线社交空间,虚拟世界与物理世界交叉, 关于如何建立一个与全球不同受众产生共鸣的元宇宙的问题正在出现. 2022年1月26日星期三,ESA基金会执行主任Anastasia Staten领导了“Video Games and the Metaverse: How We Will Build it Together,在GamesBeat峰会上,由行业领先成员组成的小组讨论了“创造新的现实,以反映PT老虎机平台的愿望和多样性”.”

Staten was joined in the discussion by Raffaella Camera, Head of Brands and Advertisers Solutions at Epic Games, Clorama Dorvilias, Product Manager at Meta/Oculus VR, Joanna Popper, Global Head of XR at HP and Jasmine Roberts, Software Engineer at Google.

“Realistically speaking, if the metaverse does parallel the real world, 它需要有相同的人口统计和相同的人口统计考虑,” said Roberts.

“With the pandemic, we were accelerated into that futuristic world,Dorvilias谈到了元宇宙的种子是如何被种下的. “Over the last 20 years of the internet, PT老虎机平台已经成为全球经济,因为这些物理障碍已经减少或被打破. PT老虎机平台现在与世界各地的人们以以前无法做到的方式进行互动, with so much more ease and access.”

GamesBeat has a report on the panel conversation here. Watch the full video below: