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First Amendment

电子游戏行业支持言论自由,反对任何限制电子游戏发行商第一修正案权利的企图, developers, artists, storytellers and players. These protections help ensure the creativity and innovation of the industry.

The First Amendment has been fundamental to the growth of the video game industry. Free speech protections for video game publishers, developers, artists, 故事讲述者和玩家使行业在互动娱乐方面的开创性体验成为可能.

Calls to regulate video game content infringe upon this guaranteed right. The U.S. 最高法院确认电子游戏是受保护的言论,任何限制或禁止电子游戏内容的努力都违反了宪法第一修正案 Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association & Entertainment Software Association (2011).

At the same time, 电子游戏行业认识到为所有观众提供信息和工具的重要性, age-appropriate purchasing decisions regarding video games. For more than 25 years, 该行业通过娱乐软件评级委员会(ESRB)来确保消费者——尤其是父母和看护人——拥有资源, including voluntary ratings, needed to make informed decisions about video games. The effectiveness of these efforts has been praised by the U.S. Supreme Court and U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

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