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In-Game Purchases

随着时间的推移,电子游戏以新鲜和令人兴奋的方式发展,创造出令消费者高兴的故事和体验, including refreshed content added post-launch. In-game purchases help make this possible.

今天的电子游戏以广阔的世界为特色,以新鲜和令人兴奋的方式随着时间的推移而发展, creating ever-changing stories and experiences that delight consumers. Unlike decades past, where the full extent of the game was limited to the software in the box, publishers today routinely provide online enhancements: updated team rosters, additional kingdoms to explore, refreshed inventories of virtual items, seasonal events and daring new missions.

现代电子游戏在发布后提供了大量新内容和实时服务,将世界各地的玩家联系在一起. 即便如此,大多数游戏的购买价格在过去十年中保持相对稳定. 游戏内购买使额外的内容和持续的在线服务成为可能,让消费者可以选择购买他们想要的,跳过他们不想要的,同时保持游戏的初始购买价格适中或, in some cases, free.

At the same time, the video game industry ensures that consumers, and especially parents, 你是否知道游戏内购买的可用性,并提供限制或阻止货币交易的工具. The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), which rates video games and provides information on the game’s content, ensures that every video game with in-game purchases is labeled appropriately. 电子游戏机还提供家长控制功能,允许玩家限制游戏内的消费. To learn more about how to control optional in-game features, visit www.parentaltools.org.

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