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Intellectual Property

For the video game industry, 强有力的知识产权(IP)法律激励了最先进设备和平台的开发,以及为消费者创造复杂而令人惊叹的视频游戏.

电子游戏行业创造了世界上最著名、最引人注目的娱乐. Strong intellectual property laws, anchored in the U.S. Constitution, drive the creativity and innovation that make these video games possible. These laws incentivize both the development of state-of-the-art devices and platforms, 以及为消费者创造复杂和令人惊叹的视频游戏.

Video game publishers, device makers and online platforms rely on copyright, 专利和商标法,以确保玩家可以在家中和旅途中无缝安全地玩他们喜欢的电子游戏. The video game industry supports the existing U.S. 知识产权制度和在海外推广类似保护措施的努力,以保护创意和创新作品, incentivized and delivered to players around the world.

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