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Right to Repair

Video game consoles are unique from other devices, 家电和消费产品依赖于一个安全的平台来保护用户, 游戏体验的完整性和游戏开发者的知识产权. Right to repair mandates, 允许未经授权的人绕过专门保护视频游戏控制台的软件, present unique security and piracy risks to the video game ecosystem.

Today’s video game devices offer consumers high-end, state-of-the-art, multi-functional entertainment. 在这些设备上玩的游戏具有顶级的声音和图像,以及尖端的互动技术, often costing as much as blockbuster movies to develop and produce.

Unlike other industries, 视频游戏设备制造商不仅要保护他们自己的产品,还要保护在他们设备上玩的游戏. These games are often created by other independent video game publishers. 这就是为什么主要的电子游戏机制造商采用技术保护措施来保护他们的平台不受侵权, as well as from network and piracy threats.

These protections are undercut by so-called “right to repair” legislation, 这可能会要求消费电子产品制造商——包括视频游戏机制造商——交出敏感工具, parts and know-how to unauthorized repair facilities. 这些类型的授权可能会严重损害电子游戏主机的安全性以及它们所依赖的电子游戏生态系统的安全性. In addition, 允许未经授权的人绕过主机的技术保护——这可能是某些硬件维修所必需的——将允许任意数量的非法复制游戏被玩.

避免损害主机的完整性,确保玩家能够获得安全和愉快的游戏体验, console makers provide consumers with easy, reliable and affordable repair services.

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