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电子游戏行业相信通过增强消费者的选择来增强消费者的能力. As the digital space evolves, 授权和保护消费者是一个持续的行业责任.

The video game industry believes in empowering consumers. 随着人们寻找简单而经济的方式来享受数字产品和服务, new business models have emerged to meet consumer interest.

Increasingly, 基于订阅的模式为消费者提供了方便的数字产品和服务,通过预先安排的定期付款(通常是每月), quarterly or annually. With the growth of the digital distribution of video games, the available payment terms have expanded to include subscriptions, 独家会员服务和试用服务,为消费者提供一系列与游戏相关的服务, online features and other benefits.

允许这类产品的监管灵活性只会增加消费者的选择. Video game players are tech-savvy. They value and demand the ease of auto-renewal options. 这些订阅通常为消费者节省金钱(例如通过减少购买年度订阅时的总支出), provide predictability and allow customized experiences.

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