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The record is clear: video games do not cause real-world violence. 主要的独立研究发现,没有证据表明电子游戏会引发暴力行为.

Some critics unfortunately blame video games for violent behavior, especially after tragic episodes of gun violence in the U.S. 这种说法是毫无根据的,它分散了人们对美国枪支暴力问题真正解决方案的讨论. 现实世界的证据清楚地表明,电子游戏和暴力行为之间没有因果关系. In study after study, 领先的独立研究人员发现,没有科学证据表明电子游戏和暴力有联系. The U.S. Supreme Court reached the same conclusion more than a decade ago.

全世界30亿电子游戏玩家中的大多数都喜欢同样的电子游戏,包括那些含有暴力内容的游戏. Despite this, 在国外市场,同样的电子游戏的暴力犯罪远没有在美国那么普遍.S., suggesting that other factors (background of the individual, the availability of and access to guns, mental health considerations, etc.) are more relevant to understanding the cause of any particular offense.

The video game industry has a demonstrated, long-standing commitment to ensuring that games, particularly those with violent themes, are used by people of the appropriate age and maturity level. Creating a positive, 为所有年龄段的玩家提供包容和安全的体验是电子游戏行业的首要任务. For more than 25 years, 该行业通过娱乐软件评级委员会(ESRB)来确保消费者——尤其是父母和看护人——拥有资源, including voluntary age and content ratings, needed to make informed decisions about video games. The effectiveness of these efforts has been praised by the U.S. Supreme Court and U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

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